StopGap Paint Day: Quadrangle sponsors eight StopGap ramps

a collage of photos of women painting wooden ramps bright colours with the StopGap logo in the centre
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StopGap Paint Day

Quadrangle has long admired and supported StopGap Foundation, an organization that seeks to raise awareness of barriers in the built environment while making our communities more accessible by providing ramps to single-stepped businesses, residences and cultural spaces. We recently sponsored eight ramps which were distributed across the province – from the Campbell House Museum in Toronto to an arts hub in Scarborough to a restaurant in Ottawa. Each ramp was specially made for the location and then painted at the Dixon Hall Mill Centre. A group of Quadrangle volunteers were happy to get their hands dirty in the workshop preparing ramps for drop off at their new homes.

We’re proud to take action on making our built environment more inclusive – and we had a blast in the process!

To find out more about StopGap and how you can organize your own team building day, visit

Two women paint wooden ramps red

Several women paint wooden ramps bright colours

One woman hammers a nail into a blue ramp, one woman paints a red ramp, and several other women look on

A person spray-paints over a stencil that says STOPGAP.CA on a green ramp

a woman smiles as she removes the STOPGAP.CA stencil from a freshly painted red ramp

12 finished ramps in red, blue and green

6 women pose with StopGap founder, Luke Anderson, surrounded by freshly painted ramps