Quadrangle can be
summed up in two words:

inspiration realized.

Founded in 1986, we are a full-service architecture and interior design firm with projects spanning the commercial, mixed-use, multi-unit residential, content media and retail markets, with expert specializations in areas that include master planning, feasibility studies, accessibility, sustainability and adaptive reuse.

We design the spaces where people live, work and play with insights gained through our process of listening, exploration, nuanced iteration and quality execution. We believe beauty and business go together, and that creative design and sustainability are inseparable. We use the tools of our craft - light, space, materials and movement - to create commercial value. We work with creative entrepreneurs, helping pioneering individuals and organizations redefine their cultures through innovative design and architecture. The diversity of the results this produces is a testament to our collaborative nature. With over 100 awards to our credit, we consistently achieve design excellence.

How we serve our clients

Design Excellence: Good design stems from a considered process. A thorough understanding of our clients' needs informs our work; iterative feedback shapes it into something functional, feasible and beautiful.
Focus on Brand Identity: Your building is yours. We pride ourselves on not having a distinctive aesthetic; instead, we couple our client's vision with our design expertise to create beautiful projects that reflect their brand identities.
A successful design is one that enables and enhances the business model of our clients. We create design responses that leverage value and we realize that inspiration within a myriad of constraints, including project budgets and timelines.
Our team is diverse and inclusive. Our people bring creativity, knowledge and innovation to every project. A culture of mentorship ensures that our high standards of service are carried throughout our entire studio.
Our studio is full of specialized technical experts who enrich our designs, inform our project teams of industry best practices and consult on governmental policy.
Trusted advisors and industry leaders, our team of experts influence policy and industry opinion on topics as diverse as housing, wood construction and accessibility. That same level of expertise is brought to each of our clients' projects.

Quadrangle co-founder Brian Curtner passed away from cancer on 15 August 2015 at the age of 64.

Brian and co-founder Les Klein formed Quadrangle in 1986, and over the following 29 years, built a firm to a staff of over 140 and a portfolio of projects throughout Toronto, across Canada and internationally. Brian was a modern renaissance man, combining expertise in design and construction with an innate business acumen fuelled by his passion for people, golf, cars, travel and art.

Quadrangle continues to celebrate Brian’s legacy in city building, mentorship and collaboration through annual sponsorship of the Curtner Urban Leadership Program organized by the Urban Land Institute.