Inspiration realized


Quadrangle can be summed up in two words: inspiration realized.

Our creative vision as architects and designers is always grounded in practical realities. Since founding our firm in 1986, we’ve consciously built a diverse and wide-ranging portfolio. 

We’ve never focused exclusively on a particular sector. Instead, we focus on a particular kind of client: visionary and idea-driven, yet anchored by pragmatism. Every project we undertake is guided by a set of beliefs that reflects our core values. 

First, we believe that design is about solving real-world problems; the spaces we create are shaped by business insights. Second, each project must be part of a larger strategy; we are committed to building long-term relationships, with many going back decades. Third, we believe in thoughtful design that solves complex challenges while respecting budgets and deadlines. And lastly, everyone in our firm is passionately committed to innovative thinking and advancing the evolution of design.  Of course, where we prefer to state our beliefs is through our work.