80 Atlantic Avenue

Location: Toronto, Canada
Hullmark Developments Ltd.

Using heavy timber and stone, this five-storey office building features unique glazing that showcases its building materials, affording particularly impressive views to its adjacent communal space and sister building, 60 Atlantic. 80 Atlantic is a return to heavy timber construction for an office setting, exploring a building typography that is sustainable, aesthetically striking and cost-effective.

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rendering of 80 Atlantic with the Globe and Mail logo
rendering of 80 Atlantic with the Billboard logo and the headline "Label CEO Jeffrey Remedios Announced the new HQ will be located in the Liberty Village neighbourhood"
thumbnail showing a Toronto Star headline and picture of 80 Atlantic
blogTO logo and headline "Toronto is getting its first office building made out of wood" above a rendering showing the wood interiors of 80 Atlantic
cover of Wood Design & Building magazine
cover spread of the Globe and Mail real estate section with pictures of 80 Atlantic's wood building under construction
The Globe and Mail logo
80 Atlantic under construction, with the south facing glazing complete and west facing facade covered in blueskin
cover of Wood Design and Building magazine, looking up a spiral staircase made of wood

Project Lead: Jan Schotte

Artistic rendering of the interior space viewed from the exterior without the glass curtain wall.
Building height and massing for 80 Atlantic.
Glass curtain wall viewed from 60 Atlantic.
Entrance to 80 Atlantic.
Sketch and map of 80 Atlantic Avenue
Massing diagrams of 80 Atlantic Avenue
Window selection diagrams for 80 Atlantic Avenue
An animation showing different cross-sections of 80 Atlantic