Inspiration realized


  • 80 Atlantic, a five-storey wood-frame office building, almost finished construction, with full glazing panels on one side, exposing the wood frame within
    11 February 2019
    The pros and cons of building high rises with wood - Toronto Star
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  • Quadangle logo is intertwined with BDP logo to indicate partnership
    05 February 2019
    Quadrangle joins forces with leading UK practice
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  • Heather sits holding a pen at a table with sketch paper and 3D printed building models in front of her
    04 February 2019
    Toronto’s Design Review Panel pushes developers to think beyond the bland - Toronto Star
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  • AllAccess logo, the words Creating Accessible Public Space, and cartoon of people of varying abilities enjoying a park
    17 January 2019
    AllAccess: Creating Accessible Public Space with Human Space and the Canadian Urban Institute
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  • Melanie Rank
    16 January 2019
    Melanie Rank promoted to Senior Associate
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