Inspiration realized

Lululemon / Yorkdale

Location: Toronto, Canada
Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc.
Original - 2012, Refurbished - 2016

The original location in Yorkdale Shopping Centre won awards for its eye-catching and innovative storefront fashioned from over 20 types of recycled wood, reflecting a focus on sustainability and nature. Relocated and refurbished with new glass detailing in 2016, this store exemplifies how a brand’s identity can be both reinforced and reinvented through inspired design.

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ARIDO Awards
Wood Works Awards


Azure magazine article about Lululemon Southgate
a mother points out the tree designs to her daughter that are in the updated Lululemon Yorkdale store facade
facade of the Lululemon Yorkdale location, showing a maple leaf made out of wooden squares

a mall storefront corner unit for Lululemon, made of glass with large white maple leaf decals
sideview of the Lululemon Yorkdale glass storefront
Storefront at Lululemon Yorkdale
Checkout counter at Lululemon Yorkdale.
Refilling a water canteen.
Wooden blocks protruding at different elevations creating the storefront.