The High Park

Location: Toronto, Canada
North Drive Investments Inc.

Across from Toronto’s High Park in Bloor West Village and adjacent to a subway stop, The High Park is a new 11-storey residential condominium building featuring 103 units. The High Park’s units are designed to take advantage of its surroundings, providing views of the lush greenery to the south, while its exterior design forms a transition to the adjacent residential community.

BILD Awards

photo of the High Park condo, a white mid-rise building with inset balconies that tapers towards the top floor
photo of a midrise condo with white cladding, inset balconies, tapered at the top, not much taller than the existing urban streetscape
photo of the uppermost floors of The High Park condominium, showing white cladding and long terraces, overlooking a large stretch of green parklands