Q-Salon: Quadrangle art raises funds for SKETCH Working Arts

the word Q-Salon and the logo of SKETCH surrounded by artwork
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This year we hosted our inaugural Q-Salon, a showcase of artwork made by Quadrangle staff later auctioned to raise funds for SKETCH Working Arts. With 65 unique pieces submitted, the artistic creativity within our Studio was on full display. The artwork was displayed throughout the common areas of our space and made available for purchase in a silent auction format, with a few of the most coveted submissions withheld for an exciting and competitive live auction that took place on Thursday, April 12.

Not only did we did we get to learn more about the creative talent of our staff - and have a blast at the live auction - we also raised over $2,000 for SKETCH!

Here are a few of the submissions that were sold, many of which saw bidding wars exceed $100 a piece!

watercolour painting of Batman and Robin in a diner

green, orange, yellow, and red cubes with different patterns protrude from white canvas

a pink and blue stormtrooper helmet made of rubber beads

purple feathers and red swath of paint floating in resin on a wood panel

coloured pencil sketch of shanty houses on stilts reflected in water below

pencil sketch of an elephant and cat

coloured pencil sketch of a young woman wearing a colourful head scarf and large hoop earrings

string and nails on canvas depicting a 3D succulent