Inspiration realized


At Quadrangle, we deliver projects that serve our clients. Large and small, complex and rudimentary, these projects work. And, because we understand the framework of planning – the intricacies of local codes and zoning, the requirements of interiors clients – they get built. 

We have an established history of understanding the nature of a site’s innate traits and the many external forces that act on it, whether it’s an empty brownfield, a heritage adaptive reuse, or a new build. But understanding is not enough. We are also committed to knowing our clients. Their motivations and business model define a project’s potential. A number of options might work on a given lot, yet our strength lies in finding the solutions that best suit a client’s specific needs. If we find that a site is incompatible with those needs, we propose alternatives.  

The final feasibility package combines our technical expertise, business acumen and creative problem solving in a product that is tailored specially to the client.

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Opportunities and Constraints
Massing diagram
CAD building form
Context Plan
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